Malucrè – Description

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Malucrè Organic Natural Spa project aims to satisfy 2 needs:

• Beauty, as the Essence of Wellness (addressed to Malucrè's client)
• Start a new business opportunity to earn money fast and make sure profits (addressed to chemists, doctors and operators working in medical field)


Malucrè Organic Natural Spa is a new concept of wellness centre, a sort of “Beauty factory”, a “Beauty Laboratory”!
It is tailored to meet the investor’s needs, according to the location, his goals and his financial means.
No aspect is left to chance, starting from the planning stage.
An economic evaluation and an action plan will be developed considering the place where Malucrè Spa will be located.
We generally work on the planning stage, we give advice based on market surveys, we arrange start-up events and business development activities inside Malucrè and we continuously train staff.
On request, we can provide all the financial services needed to start up a new Malucrè Organic Natural Spa.
Our main goal is to make your business activity immediately successful and satisfying for your clients.