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Dermio Toning


DERMiO Intensive Toning Body Cream with Organic Tech Massage

Dermio-RassodanteIt is a dermoprotective treatment containing organic lycopene, rich in natural, toning and anti-ageing substances. This soft and enveloping cream is suitable for rapid weight fluctuations, such as diet and post-pregnancy, and it is great for massage. Thanks to its active principles, it combines a strong toning effect with a deep nourishing activity both aiming to moisturise, tone up and reinforce target areas of the body such as arms, breast, abdomen and thighs that appear soft, moisturised and toned.
The packaging includes the exclusive Organic Tech Massage, a high-tech massaging nozzle aimed to increase the absorption of organic lycopene-based exclusive formula.
It is free from parabens, phenoxethanol, silicons, paraffins and mineral oils and it is nickel tested
Natural active compounds:
• Organic lycopene: encapsulated in wheat cerasomes, it has antioxidant and anti-ageing action
• Olive Oil Unsaponifiable (Olive Squalene): nourishing and toning action
• Kigelia Africana: toning action
• Glaucine: draining and toning action, it prevents the production of new adipocytes
• Aescin: vasoprotector
• Centella Asiatica: enhances blood microcirculation and capillary repair process
• Carnitine: is an amino acid able to convert fatty acids in metabolic energy
• Algae Extract: moisturising and nourishing action
• Sweet almond oil: moisturising, softening and soothing action
• Wheat germ oil: repairing, soothing and protective action
• Vitamin E: antioxidant action


Naturmio 360


Naturmio 360 


NATURMIO 360_400

NATURMiO 360 differs from the many products available on the market thanks to its special formulation based on a balanced mixture of natural compounds including antioxidants, glucosamine sulphate and acetylsalicylic acid. This product offers a complete response to the many body needs: it effectively contrasts the oxidative stress that leads to accelerated body ageing and it replaces the endogenous glucosamine sulphate deficiency. Furthermore, it may contrast cold symptoms, headache and other body discomforts.


Natural active compounds:
• Organic lycopene: antioxidant and anti-ageing action
• Resveratrol: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action
• Vitamic C: antioxidant action
• Vitamic E: antioxidant action
• Alpha lipoic acid: antioxidant action
• Omega-3 fatty acids: reduce the cardiovascular risk
• Selenium: antioxidant action and fats elimination
• Glucosamine sulphate: contrasts degenerative cartilage process
• Willow extract: has an anti-inflammatory action and reduces the cardiovascular risk


NATURMiO 360 has an antioxidant activity and a body and skin anti-ageing effect; it enhances cardiovascular protection and is a broad-spectrum nutraceutical support.


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