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DERMiO Intensive Stretch Mark Body Cream

DERMiO Intensive Stretch Mark Body Cream




It is an organic lycopene-based dermoprotective treatment cream especially formulated to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It is particularly rich in precious natural substances with reinvigorating and nutritional properties and it also helps tone tissues improving skin elasticity and increasing draining effect.
It is designed to provide effective protection during pregnancy, puberty, hormonal variations and weigh fluctuations; it strengthens the tissues of abdomen, breast, hips and thigh; it maintains skin elasticity and increases skin moisturization while improving collagen and elastin production.
It is free from parabens, phenoxethanol, silicons, paraffins, mineral oils and potential allergens and it is nickel tested
Natural active compounds:
• Organic lycopene: encapsulated in wheat cerasomes, it has an antioxidant and anti-ageing action
• Phaseolus lunatus: contrasts collagen and elastin degeneration
• Rutina: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, it prevents elastase
• Oligopeptides: promote fibroblasts proliferation and proteoglycans synthesis
• Organic lycopene encapsulated in wheat cerasomes: antioxidant and anti-ageing action
• Olive Oil Unsaponifiable (Olive Squalene): nourishing and toning action
• Vitamin E: antioxidant action
• Gingko Biloba: antioxidant action, it enhances blood circulation
• Ruscogenin: draining, vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory properties
• Algae Extract: moisturising and nourishing action
• Sweet almond oil: moisturising, softening and soothing action
• Wheat germ oil: repairing, soothing and protecting action


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