Sirton Medicare is a PHARMACEUTICAL company that combines DERMATOLOGY in its core business, besides other specialities such as Urology, Andrology, Gynaecology and others.
We have been a reference point for experts for more than 10 years.
The main features of our activity are listed in our name:


duilio trinca

S: Specialization and high technology
I:  Innovation
R: Research
T: Total consumer protection
O: Original composition and unique products

N: Natural, like our products



When I took over Sirton Medicare Spa in December 2010, my first goal was to start from the tradition and the quality of Eutrical brand.
Together with my wife Marina, we reviewed the entire trichological line products and we enriched and renewed their composition respecting the quality of the original product.
At the same time, we started to search for noble, natural and effective raw materials with a low environmental impact. In brief, exceptional materials!
I am very proud to be the first entrepreneur to have understood the importance of organic lycopene.
Everybody knows the properties of lycopene, but only a few know that organic lycopene, extracted by a patented process that does not use any chemical solvent, represents the future for both our health and our planet's health.
So I gave birth - sorry for this expression, but I consider these products as my children - to an organic lycopene-based line product for Dermatology, Gynaecology, Urology and Andrology.
I am sure that in the very next future – actually, it is already happening – global health care is going to be an essential need for our health and our children's health.
At Sirton, we work hard at the creation of true effective products aiming at the total care of human beings.
This is a promise that we are going to keep!
This is Sirton, here I am!


Duilio Trinca
Sirton Medicare Spa President